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Protect Your Reputation


About Us

Recovery Partners’ core areas of expertise are auto, property, workers compensation, and restitution subrogation.  Over the years we have become skilled at all the processes involved in resolving subrogation claims.  Our training is focused on understanding and developing the unique skill sets required to be successful like understanding and reading police reports, comprehending the liability decisions to allow us to overcome responsible party objections.  Over time we have developed performance leading work treatments that focus on account activation and reviewing all the specific claim data to make sure we are pursuing all the potential responsible parties.  Our work treatment process also focuses on claims handling and dealing with carrier objections and denials.  Another area of expertise is within the manual admin processes, from understanding all of the state license suspension request requirements to packaging a sound subrogation demand file for carrier review and writing arbitrations.  We have processes for license reinstatement requests, installment agreements, and more.  All of these small details add up to Recovery Partners being a leader in performance and quality.  Our ability to perform on claim files while still protecting our client’s image by treating people fairly is one of the things that makes us unique.  We are the best performing subrogation collection agency period.​​

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  • 15 Years of Expertise Providing Subrogation and UM Collections Recovery Nationwide & For All LOB’s

  • Existing Partnerships Include 3 of the Top 7 Carriers in the US and 8 of the Top 25

  • 10,000+ Monthly Referrals

  • Added Value Through Peer Comparison Reports

  • Performance Based Work Culture With a Focus on Brand Protection

How we beat the competition!

We implement our client setup to structure data and processes to predict success. We use analytics to find those meaningful patterns in data to establish our work priorities. Our workforce has the best training, techniques and technology to execute our process.

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